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Meet Demi Rose, also known as Demi Rose Mawby.  British Model and Internet celebrity, all of 26 years, her Instagram handle shows 17 million followers worldwide. Thus making her the most popular model in the UK.

WOW!  You would say.

It is reported that if she doesnt post anything on her Instagram handle for a few days, there is panic amongst her followers. Such is her craze. And surprisingly, her fan following is not just amongst the male. Even females and the LGBT follow her and copy her style file regularly.

After becoming a social media sensation soon after the age of 18, when she started of, Demi Rose made quite a huge impact as a bikini, swimsuit and lingerie model, doing photos shoots all around the world and appearing in several popular magazines like FHM .

Demi Rose had always dreamed of becoming a top model as she loved posing in front of the camera, since her childhood.

So what is it about Demi Rose that makes her so special to her followers? Well, you only have to look at her gorgeous pictures, both professional and selfie-style. Recently has been sharing pics from her holiday cum work experience from Ibiza Magic Island, Spain, the exotic holiday destination in the Mediterranian.

Just take a look as to why this model, oozes so much glamour has set the internet on fire.

In this pic, thats shot outdoors, Demi is standing in the balcony amidst a green surrounding, blue skyline and reflects the golden sunlight glowing on her body, She is in a thoughtful mood. Her hair is tied in a ponytail with nude make-up. She is sporting a black G String. She writes,  “ Happy Sunday. How’s your looking?” For the first time, she teases her fans by loosening the G string strap to reveal her gorgeous bottoms. Needless to say, her followers are having sleepless nights.

In this pic, she looks very different. She is in a sitting pose, in a garden, sporting an open hairstyle with a small streak of knotted hair. Her blonde golden hair shines out her. She has a nude make-up look, sporting a lime green noodle strap flip mini dress, A very vacation chilled look indeed. Her caption in the post reads “ Kind eyes @ prettylittlething ad.

This is a fashion shoot, for @prettylittlething. She share two pics. In the first one, she gives a typical modeling pose in front of the camera. Her hair is left open and flows wildly over her shoulders. And she looks stunning in this multi-coloured bikini dress, portraying the the perfect summer look.

In the second pic, from rear angle, in the same bikini, her gorgeous bottoms are exposed, her hair is open and she lifts her left hand to carress her hair in a mesmerising pose. Here she sports a stylish bangle to complete the look. The caption of the post reads “ Took a trip through space just to clear my mind.”

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